PHC_MOU Collaboration on PHC Services
Hi I'm David Winter and this is a template for the definition of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a three party agreement to propagate Project Health Control (PHC) services globally.
Two parties; Order Efficiency Ltd and Keymap Ltd are central to the development and deployment of PHC and form two parts of each agreement.
The third party is local to a specific market segment defined by Region and Industry and acts to propagate PHC within that target market for which the MOU is formed into an individual confidential contract. The third party is likely to be an organisation indigenous to the Region selected and therefore a means to develop local content.
The purpose of this online representation for the MOU is to attract interest from parties worldwide who would like to claim a commercial stake in a Region / Industry market segment for the development of PHC.
Requests for collaboration are welcome from companies and individuals in all Regions worldwide.
Comments, suggestions and requests for participation can be made by clicking the SEND COMMENT email link on the bottom of any page of this document.
David Winter
Order Efficiency Ltd
By the way, this is an Open Document. A simple concept but extremely powerful as a collaboration tool that doesn't need you to put too much effort into making it work. 
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