Collaboration on PHC Services
I am David Winter, founder of Order Efficiency Ltd, a British company that offers a type of Project Management service to Project Owners across all the  industries globally. To prepare for exponential growth of demand for the service after its launch, I am putting together a collaborative venture organised to bring significant benefit to contributing participants. This site is a simple showcase for information on how the collaboration works and a means for interested parties to express their interest in joining the venture.
The service is called Project Health Control (PHC) and its objective is to bring projects to an early completion, allowing the Project Owner to benefit from reduced manpower costs along the way, and in many cases early access to production revenues.
The key factor in the success of the collaboration I am proposing is whether or not each individual deployment of the PHC service on a project can be operated successfully. It's been tested in parts, but needs to be tested definitively on a trial project, something that we have been seeking for the past several years. A trial project will come eventually and there are several potential projects 
Let's assume for the rest of this report that we will get a trial project and it will be a roaring success and that Project Owners from all industries and regions will be queuing up to have PHC applied to their projects. 
We now have a 'unit' of tangible money flow that we can work with to show how the collaboration will work. 
PHC works as a weekly time sheet and license billing service that the Project Owner pays for by maintaining a buffer fund that covers a period of some months or weeks ahead. Like topping up a mobile phone, while the buffer is exhausted, the service is stopped. The Project Owner has firm control over the cost of the PHC service which can be deployed gradually in line with accumulating confidence via the weekly reviews that the service is working to make a justifiable difference in the project's smooth execution.  
The extent of the service varies from project to project and depends entirely on the week to week decision of the project's management team. No matter what the size of the project  
here with an open letter to the gentlemen of NNPC to introduce Project Health Control (PHC) in connection with an application that Lakel Afrik Petroleum are making to what's been termed 'The Project' which is actually a portfolio of projects for development in the Niger Delta States. 
I have been asked by Lawrence Ajayi to write a brief summary of what PHC is, how it works on projects and what benefits it will bring to projects that use it. Also in the summary I should clear up some questions on how PHC benefits the wider community.
This is a template for the definition of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a multi-party agreement to propagate Project Health Control (PHC) services globally.
Two parties; Order Efficiency Ltd and Lakel Gateway Ltd are central to the development and deployment of PHC and form two parts of each agreement.
The third party is local to a specific Region / Industry and acts to propagate PHC within that target market for which the MOU is formed into an individual confidential contract. The third party is likely to be an organisation indigenous to the Region selected and therefore a means to develop local content.
Other parties are Tier 1 and Tier 2 investors. These are groups of companies that are registered with the Lakel Gateway and pay to provide services to the projects in the Lakel portfolio.  
The purpose of this online representation for the MOU is to attract interest from companies worldwide who would like to claim a commercial stake as a 'third party' (Local Representative) in a Region / Industry for the development of PHC.
Requests for collaboration are welcome from companies and individuals in all Regions worldwide.
Comments, suggestions and requests for participation can be made by clicking the SEND COMMENT email link on the bottom of any page of this document.
David Winter
Order Efficiency Ltd