What is it?

Project Health Control™ is a service and a set of software tools that sit outside of the project and thus remain completely independent of project management and sub-contracting politics allowing the efficient tracking of deliverables and identification of potential and actual concerns that will impede project progression.

Experienced Project Health Control Consultants are situated on-site and at our Head Office. The PHC Consultants are constantly monitoring and updating concerns, assigning actions, monitoring deliverables progress and asking the question “What is where, how is it and how do we know”. The information gathered by our PHC Consultants is entered into our unique suite of systems and accessed by key staff. Regular meetings are facilitated by the PHCConsultants for the updating and monitoring of engineering deliverables and management concerns.

Project Health Control™ is the most powerful consultancy service available for a Project team to achieve astounding levels of accuracy and project efficiency. By using Project Health Control™, the Project team at all levels have the tremendous advantage of total clarity of all Project deliverables and concerns and can consequently implement the rapid resolution of major obstacles to deliverables completion.