Project Control Venture (PCV)
Hello and welcome to the Project Control Venture (PCV).
My name is David Winter and I am working with an expanding team of professionals to propagate best practice in Project Control.
This is a brief tutorial - 10 minutes of introduction to one of the fundamentals of the PCV's offering to every project in every industry globally.
This is a transcript of the tutorial - so you don't miss anything.
Our introduction to Project Health Control- is a 25 minute video.
This is a chart outline of the PHC introduction video.
We recognise a unique opportunity with each of these target regions to effect a massive improvement in the way projects are conducted. By introducing new technologies and methodologies that will practically ensure significant improvement over current performance in project execution at all stages in the Project Development Lifecycle.
We are thinking globally, as principles of Project Control are universal. Propagating the methodology one country at a time.
Our aim is to raise the National standard for project execution and to use Project Health Control (PHC) as an enhancement to best practices in project control to oversee and facilitate the government manifestos of the current administration for each of the countries.
The Saudi Arabian National Transformation Agenda is used for the various illustrations in this site just as an example of the PCV's application to one country.
This site is the PHC style 'open document' for development of the PCV Project.

The PCV Team

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